Green Scene Energy

We are an Ethiopian private limited company (PLC) providing affordable, high quality, environmentally-friendly renewable energy technologies to Ethiopia’s off-grid communities.

Our exceptional expertise, extensive partner network, and local presence ensure that our fully integrated process sustainably meets our clients’ energy needs:

  • Simple-to-use products that work
  • Post-distribution product traceability to ensure compliance with carbon credit regulations
  • Affordable, flexible payment options
  • Customizable solutions for a variety of contexts

Want to purchase a reliable solar-powered product for your household or business?

Need to implement a renewable energy source for a health center, school, water pump, or other community project?

Seeking a reliable partner to develop a mini-grid powering an entire community?

Interested in earning money as a local retailer?

Eager to join our team or learn more about the economic, environmental, and health benefits of our work?

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