Green Scene Ethiopia


Weak-grid and mini-grid systems

Our expertise

  • Bio-systems engineering and implementation of solar systems for health centers and schools.
  • Civil engineering requirements for large-scale solar-powered systems.
  • Working on the designing, installation, and commissioning of mini-grid , weak-grid and other custom solar system. 

We can help you at every stage to plan and install the ideal back-up system or mini-grid for your community or your business.
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Our five-step process

1. Assess

We will come to the site to determine your business’ or community’s exact energy needs and specifications.

2. Design

Based on our assessment, we custom-design a solar-powered solution.

3. Procuring equipment

We offer two options: we can either directly procure all equipment through our extensive network of certified manufacturers, guaranteeing quality with a 2-year warranty; alternatively, you (the client) can procure equipment directly from your choice of providers.

4. Install

Our expert engineers will install your system on site.

5. After-sales support

Annual maintenance visits and repairs will ensure that your system works flawlessly.

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