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Off-grid solutions championed at top continental electrification summit

05 April 2019

The fact that His Excellency Dr. Sileshi Bekele, Ethiopia’s Federal Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE), announced the launch of the Second National Electrification Program (NEP 2.0) at OFF the GRID, a summit held on 27–29 March 2019 at Addis Ababa’s Sheraton Hotel, was a clear demonstration of the Government of Ethiopia’s integration of off-grid energy solutions into current national energy policy.

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‘Open for Business?’

14 Feb 2019

‘It’s expensive to do business in Ethiopia’. Isn’t it? One may assume so. We beg to differ. Green Scene Energy’s journey to provide affordable solar home systems has, we’ll be honest, encountered challenge after patience-testing challenge. At times, one step forward has felt like two steps back. However, since registering in 2016, we have not let flag our persistence or our optimism. During this time we have honed in on some useful philosophies for doing business in this country.

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Midwifery by Mobile Phone Torch — Why I’m Determined to Solar-Power Rural Ethiopia

26 Feb 2018

Ethiopia exhibits the prerequisites for an almost completely renewable energy supply, in large part due to its superb hydrological and solar-power resources. In spite of this potential, however, more than 80% of Ethiopia’s population have no access to electricity, particularly for the 80+ million people (out of Ethiopia’s total of 105 million) who live in rural areas.

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