As a leading provider of renewable energy technologies, Green Scene will expand access to affordable clean energy for off-grid Ethiopian communities.


Supplying affordable, reliable clean energy to 600,000 households by 2025 will have immense economic, environmental, and social impact for 3 million people who will remain disconnected from the national grid.

In addition to this direct household impact, large-scale projects powering vital institutions, projects, and businesses will broadly benefit communities and promote economic growth.

Economic Impact

$50,400,000 Annual Total Household Savings

The typical off-grid Ethiopian household spends $84 each year on kerosene and mobile device charging.1

Solar home systems and mini-grids remove this ongoing cost by supplying renewable energy.

150 Jobs Created

Green Scene’s local, personalized service model creates well-paying jobs for community members as trained retailers.

We are striving to create 150 such opportunities by 2025, with at least 50% of these positions filled by women.

Solar home systems and mini-grids also extend working hours for local businesses and workers.

Environmental Impact

222,000 Ton Reduction in Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions

For each kerosene lamp replaced, solar solutions save an estimated 0.37 metric tons of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions each year.2

Clean energy sources also mitigate kerosene pollution and the biohazard posed by discarded dry-cell batteries used to power torches.

Social Impact

Improved Health

Kerosene lamps contribute to indoor air pollution, one of the leading causes of death in developing countries.3
Lamps and candles also pose significant fire risk.

Educational Attainment

Reliable lighting facilitates studying, reading, and other educational activities at night.


Solar-powered television and radio provide a source of entertainment currently unavailable to off-grid households.

Time Savings

Household members, particularly women, invest significant time and effort:

  • Traveling to purchase kerosene
  • Traveling and waiting to charge mobile devices at local kiosks
  • Using and maintaining kerosene lamps and other unreliable lighting sources

Solar products that are simple to use and maintain remove these burdensome time constraints.

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