Angaza is a platform which renders solar lighting systems and clean cookstoves accessible and affordable to emerging markets by allowing customers without access to credit and traditional banking services – who are also often in the most isolated areas of a country – to pay for their products remotely using their mobile phone. Most Green Scene products are Angaza-enabled, and the companies’ collaboration is a pioneering pay-as-you-go platform for Ethiopia.


BioLite Ltd produces a wide variety of products, from cooking stoves to solar home systems. Green Scene is the first company to partner with BioLite Ltd  in specifically introducing the BioLite 620 solar home system to Ethiopia.

Green Scene and Fosera strive to positively impact the environment, society and local economies through capacity building, job creation and spurring in-country development of the fast-growing renewable energy sector. Furthermore, both companies are currently partnering to pilot a PAYGO Solar Home Systems in collaboration with a local MFI.

Greenlight Planet



Green Scene entered the energy market by providing three Greenlight Planet products, each renowned for its durability and quality – the SunKing Home 60, the SunKing Boom and SunKing Pro 400.



M-Birr is a pioneer, being the first mobile money company in Ethiopia to enable customers to make financial transactions via mobile phone. Along with with YenePay, Green Scene partners with M-Birr on the OwnGrid system.


Power AfricaUSADF LOGO

USADF, through its umbrella initiative Power Africa, pledges grants to private renewable-energy enterprises. Green Scene was a proud and grateful recipient of both a USADF grant and Power Africa mentorship during the early stages of the company’s establishment.


World Vision

Using its vast network of partner institutions across the country, VisionFund Microfinance Institute is highly successful in facilitating loans which enable households to purchase a certified, high-quality solar home systems and other renewable-energy products.


yen pay

YenePay Financial Technologies PLC provides localised digital tools, USSD technology and financial services. Founded in 2015, the quality of its digital payment platform quickly made it a leading Ethiopian fin-tech company. For Green Scene, YenePay has developed and adapted the PAYGO platform of OwnGrid.