Green Scene Ethiopia

For Communities

Green Scene brings affordable energy to communities to overcome obstacles to them moving forwards.

Our solar projects will transform facilities at your hospital and children’s school, turbo-charge your business and keep water flowing for your family and livestock. Our community mini-grids and solar pumps will save community members time and money fetching fuel and water and charging devices – setting them free. We will partner with an organisation, NGO or company working in a community to bring the benefits of solar power to any town, neighbourhood or village.

In Afar, for instance, we are delivering a solar pump project for 2,000 people living in 10 wordeas. This will keep water flowing during the long dry season and free people in the community from having to fetch water and digging wells. In southeastern Ethiopia, we will provide the reliable energy that is essential to airport communications. And we are drawing up plans for community mini-grids as part of the Government of Ethiopia’s off-grid electrification plan for 25 towns and villages.

So please join us as we empower all Ethiopians, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Expertise

Implementing solar energy systems is in our DNA. Our engineering team includes rigorously trained experts specializing in:


  • Bio-systems engineering and implementation of solar systems for health centers and schools
  • Civil engineering requirements for large-scale solar-powered systems
  • Building solar-powered water pumps for drinking water and irrigation


Prior to founding Green Scene, CEO Rekik Bekele gained extensive experience designing, installing, and maintaining hydroelectric and solar-powered energy systems for health centers, schools, and water pumps in the Amhara region. Her technical expertise, as well as the trusting relationships she built with both local off-grid communities and the external organizations investing in these projects achieved exceptional results.



Rekik’s expertise and guidance support a well-rounded team, which brings this same relationship-focused approach to all of our large-scale custom projects.

Our Five-Step Process

We meet with partners on site to determine exact energy needs and specifications for each project.

2. Design

We custom-design a solar-powered renewable energy solution based on this assessment.

3. Equipment Procurement

We offer two options for partners to choose from:

  1. We directly procure necessary equipment through our extensive network of certified manufacturers, guaranteeing quality with a 2-year warranty.
  2. Partners procure equipment directly from their choice of providers.

4. Installation

Our expert engineers install the system on site.

5. After Sales Services

Routine annual maintenance visits and as-needed repair services ensure that the system works as promised.