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Solar home systems

Kerosene lamp: goodbye!
Torches and batteries: goodbye!
Wax candles: goodbye!
Paying for mobile phone charging: goodbye!

Brighter light in your home: hello!
Mobile phone fully charged: hello!

Saving money and time: hello!

All our products are Lighting Global certified.

Our solar lanterns with in-built radio and phone charger save people time and money getting fuel and recharging.

d.light S2oo Solar Lantern

  • Separate solar panel included with 2 Watt
  • 20x brighter than kerosene
  • Charges mobiles via USB port
  • Adjustable stand or handle
  • Battery up to 20 hours per full charge

Price: 2,800.00 ETB (52.92 USD)

Stock Status: In Stock

d.light A2 Solar Lantern

  • High-efficiency integrated solar panel with 0.3 Watt
  • Lightweight: only 85grams
  • 4+ hours of light per full charge
  • 3x brighter than kerosene
  • Adjustable support
  • Smart solar indicator for charge intensity

Price: 650.00 ETB (12.29 USD)

Stock Status: In Stock

SunKing Home Systems

Fixed overhead lighting with device and appliance charging.

  • 3 overhead fixed LED lamps with individual wall-mounted switches
  • 12V output, suitable for 12V DC appliances
  • USB output device charger with all common phone adaptors
  • 17m cable and all necessary accessories

Sharing these characteristics, you have two options from which to select:

1. SunKing Home60, 6 Watt Solar Panel.

Price: —- ETB (—- USD)

Stock Status: Out of Stock


Sun King Home 120 solar system for homes and businesses

AlphaPower 4K Solar Television


  • 19″ television with 4K screen technology
  • Inbuilt decoder
  • Satellite dish with cable
  • 4 hanging lamps
  • USB output device charger
  • 15m cable and all necessary accessories
  • 100-Watt solar panel

Price: —–  ETB (—- USD)

Stock Status: Out of Stock

Solar TVs keep families in off-grid communities up-to-date with the latest information and broaden their children's horizons

BioLite Solar Home 620

A complete solar home system for you and your family or business.

  • 3 fixed LED lamps, 1 with motion sensor
  • Individual wall-mounted switches
  • Charges up to 3 mobile devices via 2 USB ports
  • Up to 30 hours of radio power and MP3 sound (via USB)
  • 19.5m cable and all necessary accessories
  • 6-Watt solar panel

Price: —— ETB (—- USD)

Stock Status: Out of Stock

BioLite Solar Home 620, system complete with radio, to provide light, charging, and information to you and your family or business

SunKing Pro

A simple-to-use, affordable lighting and charging system.

  • Portable LED lamp with detachable stand
  • USB output device charger with common phone adaptors
  • 5m cable and all necessary accessories

Choose from either:

1. SunKing Pro400 (pictured), with 5.5-Watt solar panel, 


Stock Status:  

2. SunKing Pro200, with 2.35-Watt solar panel, 


Stock Status: 

The Sun King Pro 400, after charging with a 12W solar panel, provides bright lighting to three rooms for your family or business, while the power hub charges your phones and appliances

SunKing Boom

3-in-1 portable solar lantern with radio and built-in speaker.

  • Portable LED lamp with detachable stand
  • USB output port / charger with common phone adapters
  • Inbuilt digital FM radio
  • MP3 player (USB and SD)
  • 5m cable and all necessary accessories
  • 2.7-Watt solar panel


Stock Status: 

The Sun King Boom provides power for your devices and light for your home or your business

Little Sun solar lantern

A simple-to-use, portable solar-powered lamp.

  • Magnified LED lamp with inbuilt 0.6-Watt solar panel
  • Shines for 4 hours (brightest setting) up to 50 hours (dimmest setting).
  • Robust, durable and multi-purpose


Stock Status: 

The Little Sun is our most affordable solar-powered light, providing up to 50 hours of light when fully charged to your family or your business

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