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The plans developed with Ethio Telecom would make paying by instalments easier across Ethiopia for anybody with a mobile phone

Solar energy within reach for all Ethiopians with simple, smaller payments under our plans with Ethio Telecom

It will be even easier to get solar energy that frees Ethiopians from buying expensive fuel, under plans Ethio Telecom and Green Scene Energy PLC are working on together.

Green Scene offers families who would benefit from reliable, safe, cheaper energy the option to make smaller, affordable payments for their new solar energy home system. To date, we have provided this easy financing through micro finance institutions in three regions.

We have been exploring making affordable payments even easier, and available for even more people, nationwide.

The opportunity to make a number of smaller payments for light, power and information a reality in more places, for more people, has now arrived. 

Ethio Telecom wants to provide its customers with the option to pay for energy through its branch offices and every store across the country where Ethiopians buy phone credit. To achieve this, Green Scene made Ethio Telecom a formal written offer to supply solar energy through a pay-as-you-go scheme, and they have now accepted this tender. 

We are finalising the plans that will make paying for your new solar energy home system possible at hundreds of Ethio Telecom branch offices and thousands of stores. And it will be as simple as buying credit for a mobile phone.

The Ethio Telecom payment system will be integrated with the Angaza chips in our solar energy home systems to record the affordable payments each family makes. And once a family has paid for a system, they do not need to make any more payments. They can simply enjoy the light, power and information provided by systems like our popular BioLite SolarHome 620 system for years to come.

Ethiopians with a mobile phone will be able to pay-as-you-go

Rekik Bekele, CEO of Green Scene Energy PLC, commented: “We are striving to free Ethiopian families from the time and cost of making long, needless trips to charge phones and buy expensive kerosene. In the Ethiopian sun, the power is there for us.

“The plans we are working on with Ethio Telecom will make it as easy as possible for everybody in Ethiopia to access this reliable and safe energy, allowing them to focus on working, studying and living instead.”

More information on the Green Scene Energy PLC & Ethio-Telecom solar household systems/products marketing and distribution partnership:

Ethio Telecom, the one and only Ethiopian telecommunication company, is co-branding the service with Green Scene and will help build the customer-facing relationship. The overall benefits of the partnership allow Ethio-Telecom to support distribution, sales and after-sales support.

Since the first day of joint sales of the product, thanks to the Ethio Telecom partnership, Green Scene obtained access to Ethio Telecom’s nationwide logistics, warehousing, inventory management, retail stores and call centre services, keeping the cost of the service to a minimum. Ethio Telecom’s understanding of local markets was instrumental to better communicate with customers, while their existing customer base of 60 million subscribers offers a head start and fast access to the Ethiopian market.

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