Green Scene Energy is an Ethiopian private limited company (PLC) which avails affordable, high-quality, environmentally friendly renewable energy and energy-efficient lighting and other technologies to Ethiopia’s off-grid communities. Empowering community members to purchase small-scale solar-powered electrification, the immediate impacts for them are healthier working indoor environments, reduced manual workload – especially for women and children – and the creation of income-generating opportunities. Through our work, Green Scene Energy PLC maintains a commitment to:

  • Supply products of the highest technological standard which are affordable, durable, maintainable and which represent a beneficial investment for our clients;
  • Provide a reliable, professional service and high quality products, thereby building strong customer relations and trusted networks of clients and partners;
  • Offer a flexible approach of personalised customer care and support;
  • Establish long-term collaborations with leading global players in the photovoltaic and renewable-energy industries.
  • Become a leading assembler, seller and distributor of renewable energy technologies in Ethiopia.

Since mid 2018 we have been piloting our pay-as-you-go platform, OwnGrid. Uniquely customised to the context of rural Ethiopian life and currently on trial in Oromia Region, OwnGrid allows households to acquire and pay for a personal solar system by making mobile phone-based payment instalments. See our one-minute video clip about OwnGrid on the team page.